It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash

It’s Fashion Flash Monday! I’m delighted to be hosting our 40+ women’s Fashion Flash this week. We, Fashion Flashers give you the latest, and greatest fashion, beauty, health, and fitness info, tips and deals. Check us out and let us know what you think!






One of the best way to achieve health goals is to track your progress.  Menopause has free essential planner downloads so you can start the new year with tools that support your success!



Did you watch the Golden Globes and have a favorite beauty look worn by the celebrities over 40? Check out Fab Over Forty and many of the celebrity beauty looks you can recreate at home

In the winter we have to work hard to keep skin soft and moisturized. A good exfoliator is a must and Fab Over Forty found a great one for the body..



Elle sparks body image debate with Mindy Kalig’s February 2014 Head Shot for Cover.




BarbaraGruffPositive Aging Expert Barbara Hannah Grufferman thinks we should all be doing this ONE THING every single day for overall fitness. What do you think it is?



Do you think the fashion police take things too far sometimes? Deborah Boland wants you to weigh in on the latest Carole Middleton fashion controversy.




Prime Beauty is celebrating her 4th year of blogging but YOU are getting all the presents! Stop by to wish her a happy birthday and enter to win a fabulous surprise beauty gift pack worth over $100!



You think you know your best colors? Jackie Silver from uncovers some tips that could surprise you.





Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog compares cell growth factors and Retin A.

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Fashion Flash For Women 40+

FASHION FLASH BANNERIt’s my privilege to be hosting our 40+ women’s Fashion Flash this Thanksgiving week.  Before trotting out to turkeyville, we Fashion Flashers talk turkey on the latest, and greatest fashion, beauty, health, fitness and oh yes holiday food!! We’re thankful to be able to share with you every week. Thanks for YOU!




Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy this roasted turkey recipe by Staness, author of The Menopause Makeover.  Add wild rice and baked acorn squash with baked apples for dessert and you have a yummy balanced meal that is healthy and not too high in calories!



In the winter we have to work hard to keep skin soft and moisturized. A good exfoliator is a must and Fab Over Forty found a great one for the body..



   Plus size women are encouraged to pose in sexy clothes and lingerie to celebrate their bodies and promote self-acceptance at every size. 



BarbaraGruffPositive Aging Expert Barbara Hannah Grufferman thinks that this “liquid
gold” might be the answer to . . . just about everything! Watch this to
get the scoop!



The right bootie at work will complete your sophisticated, chic office look. Deborah Boland shares some fab examples of how to rock fall booties at work.




We all know that big, full Angelina Jolie lips are fashionable, but what if your kisser is not so endowed? Cindy from Prime Beauty found a great product to plump aging  lips and even minimize upper lip lines in EnvyDerm Intensive Lip Renewal Therapy!


40-+-style BannerAre you getting ready for the holiday season? Here are some of 40+Style’s ideas for unique and stylish gifts for women over 40!


ABwithRlogo-300x212agingbackwardssmallerWarm up winter and chase away seasonal affective disorder (SAD)! Jackie Silver from shares a great secret.







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Happy Holidays!






Fashion Flash! Women 40+ Beauty, Fashion, Fitness

Fashion FlashToday’s Fashion Flash host is Cindy from PrimeBeauty, a fab beauty blog for women 40+. Get the latest tips and insights on skincare and makeup plus reviews on new products particularly designed to empower women in their prime to look their very best.

The rest of us, Fashion Flash Bloggers are always on the pulse on the new and now in beauty, fashion, fitness and more….







It’s Fashion flash Monday!

Fashion FlashIt’s Fashion Flash Monday! Our host this week is Deb Chase from Nononsensebeautyblog.

As always, Deb is keeping it real with the latest research, reviews and tips on how to stay fabulous in the second half of your life.

The rest of us have been scouring the planet to bring you the best in 40 plus beauty, fashion, and health. We’re just a click away. Don’t forget to share!






It’s Fashion Flash Monday For Women Over 40

Fashion Flash

Hi ladies! It’s Mirabai from I’m your host this week for Fashion Flash Monday August 26, 2013. We’ve put together a 40 plus women’s ePotpouri of information for you. We’ve got it all, essential oils, recipes, exercise, grooming, beauty secrets, health and plus size news. It’s all here today, just a quick click away.





AgingBackwardsNEWABwithRlogoAromatherapy goes back to ancient times. Jackie Silver from sniffs out the benefits of essential oils.




stillblonde2fashionflashbannerStill Blonde after all these Years shares her recipe for Baked Asiago Chicken.   A quick easy recipe sure to please Women over 45.




Best-of-Everything-50-227x300Positive Aging expert Barbara Hannah Grufferman wrote the book about living your best life after 50 . . . and wants to show you how to get everything “below the belt” back in shape . . . fast.




fab40_-smbanner_11aprThinning hair is a common problem in women over 40, and it can be a real downer. Style expert Deborah Boland shares simple hairstyles that will make your thinning hair look thicker and stylish.




FabOver402Want flawless looking skin and lighten age spots? Fab Over Forty checks out this new product customized to your skin tone.




FFBlackCat-300x96Fashion mega brand Diesel uses plus size models in its newest ad campaign and demonstrates there is real beauty in body diversity.



PRIMEBEAUTYScreen-Shot-2012-05-28-at-6.15.05-AM-300x62Cindy from Prime Beauty was introduced to a Japanese beauty secret that is 1500 years old and she’s sharing her discovery of the Konjac Sponge with us! 


menopause-makeover-300x84Many of us think we are eating healthy, but often unaware of hidden calories and nutritional information.  If you are struggling with weight loss, check out the nutrition in your favorite foods with this FREE nutrition label calculator from  Too much of a good thing isn’t always good.



nononsensebeauty-300x74Deb of No-Nonsense Blog finds out which health news to trust.




Here’s a little Flash that may make a difference in your life.

A study from the Mayo Clinic has revealed that menopause and weight gain are linked because proteins that store fat do a better job of it when estrogen is lost after menopause.  They also cause fat to be burned by the body more slowly. So weight gain after menopause is hard to fight.  A study from University of Pittsburgh points out that postmenopausal women gain about 12 pounds 8 years following menopause. Something else happens too. Even women that don’t see weight gain after menopause experience a shift in body shape that expands their waistline. That’s because lower estrogen levels cause fat to shift from hips and thighs to the belly.

Menopause and weight gain is a serious health issue, not just a cosmetic one. Belly fat has been linked to higher incidence of heart disease, and being overweight in general puts you at greater risk for Diabetes, and some types of Cancer.

So what does one do about menopause and weight gain?

Spot reducing doesn’t really work. The only real way to get rid of that belly fat is to lose weight everywhere and sculpt your body with exercise.

Let’s talk calories.

1lb of weight equals 3500 calories. So to lose 1lb a week, exercise 200 calories off with about a half hour of moderate Cardio a day and eat 300 calories less every day. That’s 500 hundred fewer calories per day. Multiply by 7 days will you’re on track to lose one pound per week. What can make this process easier is combine Cardio with Strength exercises. Cardio burns calories and Strength speeds up your metabolism to keep you burning more calories even after you exercise. Try this anti-menopause-and-weight-gain routine. Of course always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

·        Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, do 30-60 minutes of moderate Cardio exercises like brisk walking, swimming, biking jogging, or dance exercise videos.

·        Tuesday Thursday and Saturday do a full body sculpting strength routine

You’ll need some stick toitiveness, particularly for the first couple of weeks. But, I can tell you from experience, this approach works. Keep me posted on your progress.

For more health and fitness information for women and in home exercise programs visit