It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion FlashOur Fashion Flash host this week is Cindy, editor of Prime Beauty, a beauty blog for women 40 & over addressing their unique beauty needs. She reports on vital issues and products to help women look and feel their best. As for the rest of us Fashion Flashers we give you the latest Fab beauty, fashion, health & fitness info and tips

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It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion FlashIt’s Fashion Flash Monday! Our host this week is top anti-aging expert, Jackie from  She will help you stay vital, beautiful and healthy naturally.

Her book How To Think Yourself Slim, Healthy, & Young is a must read and full of easy to do tips to help you stay fabulous.

The rest of us Fashion Flash blogger have an eclectic mix of the latest in fashion, beauty, fitness and anti aging. Check us out and let us know what you think!

More email questions coming. Here’s one that I get quite often from women who are afraid of falling?

Q: What exercises one should do to improve sense of balance?

Balance_Web_6755A: Serious balance issues require medical attention. However some loss of balance is quite common as we age. Signals from vision, bones, and joints, the vestibular system in the inner ear, and the nervouse system, are sent to the brain which interprets them into an awareness of the position of their body. This is our proprioceptive sense and one of its functions is balance.

Trouble is, the systems collecting the information controlling balance begin to deteriorate with age, particularly if we’ve been inactive. And this process accelerates after 50.

But exercises involving proprioception and balance can help slow down our aging clock. Here’s one you can do at home.

Stand with your feet together. Slowly pick up one leg, bending the knee, and place the side of your foot against your opposite calf or knee. Holding on to a chair or wall, find your balance. When you feel ready, let go and slowly bring your arms up in front of your chest. Hold for about 10 seconds (or as long as you can). When it get’s too easy, try doing it with your eyes closed.

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Fashion Flash Women 40 plus Blog: Beauty, Fashion, Fitness

Fashion Flash Women 40 plus Blog

Today’s Fashion Flash women 40 plus blog is hosted by Deborah Boland, style expert from Fabulous After 40. She bring to us the best, up-to-date insights on beauty and fashion styles and trends.  Today’s Fashion Flash women 40 plus blog entries range from fabulous to practical beauty tips, fashion styles and fitness workouts. Check us out!



SWIM-WEBI’ve found so much solace from the heat  in swimming this summer. Fast or slow,  it’s a wonderful workout for body, mind and spirit. I’ve built up to 100 laps a day, over the last few weeks, enjoying every minute. If you have the opportunity to take a swim, try it out.


Meanwhile, if you need a little push to exercise, here is a new research study you might want to check out.


A newly published study funded by The National Institutes of Health shows a 20% reduction in stroke risk for both women and men over 45 who exercised versus those did not. Men got the best results 4 times or more a week. While women reaped a similiar benefit exercising just 1-4 times a week.

aerobics-jump-a2426-cropped-t230.jpg“Getting your daily dose of cardio seems like a no brainer to me,” says women’s exercise program expert Mirabai Holland.



Here’s a link to an NIH article on the study “NIH-funded study suggests that moving more may lower stroke risk.”