Aqua Ballet Lower Body Workout

We are filming for several hours a day starting at the crack of dawn. The weather is cooler but not for long. My only relief has been to strip off my workout clothes, which are almost pasted to my body, jump into a swimsuit and plunge into the pool. After about 45 minutes of laps back and forth (I’m so motivated from watching all these Olympic swimming trials on TV) I get an idea. What if I try some ballet barre exercises in the water, holding on to the side of the pool? Aqua Ballet Barre, not such a bad idea I’m thinking. So I try one of my on land favorites for my legs and butt. I like it! I can really feel it working. It may be even more effective with the water for added resistance.

Try it yourself.


Stand facing front, heels together, feet turned out. Hold on to the edge of the pool with your right hand. Slowly bend left knee, bringing foot up to right knee forming a triangle. Slowly stretch leg in front of body. Then bring foot back to the knee of the standing leg and return to the starting position. Repeat 4 times to the Front, Side, and Back.

Turn around and repeat exercise on the other leg holding on with your left hand.

Below are Aqua Ballet Workout Photos

Aqua Ballet









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Get ready for summer with this Aqua and Land Workout!

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Fashion Flash Women Over 40

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Recent Study:


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A recent study at the University of Alabama with older women concluded that the exercise sweet spot is about 40 minutes of cardio twice week and a full body strength workout on 2 alternate days.

The group that exercised more, up to 6 times a week did not achieve better results, and reported less energy for daily activities.  So more is not always better!

So many of my clients ask me how much exercise should they do to get the best results.

Many of my clients have gotten effective and sustainable results by exercising 3-5 days a week. They say mixing up their routine also helps them stay on track so they look forward to exercising instead of dreading it. I always say “exercise should be a pleasure not a chore. Getting fit shouldn’t feel like getting your teeth drilled.”

There are those days when you body tells you to take a rest. If you aren’t feeling well or didn’t get enough sleep the night before, you might be better off doing a lighter workout or skipping exercise that day.

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Arm Workout: Cool-Down & Tone-Up

Arm WorkoutWith this summer’s heat wave in full sizzle, it’s time to jump in the water and cool off as best you can. And it’s also the time for your arms to look fabulous in sleeveless or short sleeved blouses. Here is an Arm Workout you can do at the beach, the lake or the pool.

Arm Workout Exercises: Stand in water shoulder height with your feet at least hip width apart and knees slightly bent, breathing normally. For all exercises keep water weights or air filled water bottles submerged. If you are just getting started you can use your hands as paddles for less resistance than aqua weights or plastic bottles.
Weights with water for less resistance. Less water for more resistance.

Rows:Arms and Back

Keep weights just below the surface and using the broad side for resistance, push one water weight straight out in front of you while pulling the other straight back behind you. Then switch directions keeping the weights in the water the whole time.


Extend arms in front of chest, palms down. Move arms straight down and extend in back of your hips.

Biceps: Upper arms/forearms

Arms are at sides palms up. As you hold the weights. Slowly pull arms as you bend elbows and bring weights up to your shoulders. Then lower them back down.

Do this arm workout every other day. You need at least 24-48 hours between so your muscles have a chance to adapt and grow.  It should take you only about 10-15 minutes so this arm workout is easy to fit into any busy schedule.

And of course it will help you look and feel Fabulous Forever!


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Take a water walk to help you stay cool while improving core strength and balance.

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