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Fashion FlashToday’s Fashion Flash host is Cindy from PrimeBeauty, a fab beauty blog for women 40+. Get the latest tips and insights on skincare and makeup plus reviews on new products particularly designed to empower women in their prime to look their very best.

The rest of us, Fashion Flash Bloggers are always on the pulse on the new and now in beauty, fashion, fitness and more….







It’s Fashion Flash Monday Best Blog For Women Over 40

Fashion FlashIt’s Fashion Flash Monday for women over 40 and our host this week is Deborah Boland from Fabulous After 40.

Deborah provides the very best info and advice on style, beauty, trends, shopping, deals and finds for women over 40. She generously shares her own brilliant insights based on credible sources and research to help all of us stay Fabulous! And don’t forget  your chance to win a fabulous faux fur coat from Donna Salyers this month, by clicking here.

This week our Fashion Flash Blog for women over 40 is full of great topics: Fab affordable moisturizers, combining art and fashion for a stunning look,  an easy Pumpkin Goat Cheese Risotto Recipe, New Fall Plus Size fashions, current Menopause news, and more….

OrangeDressCourtyard-2342_RSince September is Menopause Month I’d like to share this new exercise study that showed that regular exercise did not reduce the intensity or amount of hot flashes in post menopausal women. However, those women that exercised on a regular basis slept better and were less depressed. Guess what? Many of my clients (myself included) who were avid exercisers also said their hot flashes did not diminish. But they experienced less mood swings and had more energy than others who exercised less or not at all.

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Fashion Flash Women Over 40 Fitness, Fashion & Beauty

Fashion Flash Women Over 40

Fashion Flash Women Over 40

Fashion Flash is hosted this August 5th, by Jackie from AgingBackwards.

Ride the wave of the latest anti-aging info including, beauty, diet, fitness and more. And stay in the air-conditioning to enjoy the rest of our Fashion Flash Posts. It’s all news we women over 40 need, and it’s just a click away!



It’s August and I’ve been exercising in the water for more than a month now. When you get in for a dunk, remember these two simple aqua exercises. One is for Core and Balance

and the other one’s Cardio.

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It’s Fashion Flash Monday, by Mirabai Holland © 2013

Our Fashion Flash host for this Memorial Day Monday May 28, 2013 is Cindy and her Prime Beauty Blog dedicated to the unique beauty needs of us 40 plus women. Join her and the rest of us Fashion Flashers in celebrating the service of our men and women in uniform, and learn a thing or two about beauty, health and maybe find a deal on something special.

As for me on this unofficial first day of summer, I’m close to home cooking a healthy meal for a long time friend. Have a happy healthy Memorial Day.

Yours in Health, Mirabai

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It’s Fashion Flash Monday, May 20th by Mirabai Holland 2013

Today’s Fashion Flash Host is Barbara Hannah Grufferman author of The Best of Everything After 50. Her website is your source of for all things after 50.

Our Fashion Flash team has been prospecting for nuggets of knowledge and fab deals for women over 40. Check out our finds and let us know what you think.

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