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I’ve spent my 30-year career studying what makes people succeed or fail at getting into shape. And the main reason is that people try to do too much too soon. Or they simply start with a program that’s too hard. I’ve looked at what’s out there and I’ve found that even the, so-called, beginner’s programs are still too hard for a lot of people.

Getting fit doesn’t have to feel like getting your teeth drilled. My Ease-in system disconnects the pain from the gain by starting even easier than easy and breaks it up into small digestible bites. Starting with as little as 5 minutes a day you can ease into the best shape of your life.

Quick and Convenient

You Click – You’re On – You’re Doing It.

24/7 online access to Six, Ease-in Exercise Videos ranging from 5 minutes – 30 minute plus a 7 minute information video.

Start with just 5 minutes – when it feels too easy click on 10 minutes, then 15, then 20, and so on until you’re comfortable doing 30 minutes.

NO EQUIPMENT NECESSARY! – You’ll do the exercises in the Strength Segments with a pair of cans from your pantry

Ease-In Membership  1 Full Year just  $14.95 (regular price $29.95) Limited Time Only.  Click HERE to  checkout. Once you have purchased your membership you will receive an email containing your password and your 15% coupon code good for purchase of all Mirabai Holland DVDs and products at good for a full year.


4 Bonus Segments to add variety and spice to your program

• Bonus 20-minute cardio

• Bonus Stretch & Meditation

• Bonus Legs

• Bonus Abs and Butt

Break that cycle of fitness failure.

With my Moving Free® Ease-In system you can finally be successful incorporating fitness into your daily life!

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